Welcome to my website! I think it likes you.

I am Tony James Slater – and if you don’t believe me, just look at that big banner at the top of the screen. See? One of the fringe benefits of being a self-confessed idiot is that I have very few imitators. In fact, if anyone comes up to you in the street and says, “Hi! I’m Tony James Slater!” you should probably back away slowly, and call for help. Unless of course, it actually is me – in which case, you should probably back away slowly, and call for help. Because you never know with me; chances are, I’m about to do something stupid – and you really don’t want to get involved, now do you?

Here are some of the books I wrote:

Actually, that’s all the books I wrote.

But HAVE NO FEAR! My fifth book, set in the steamy jungles of South East Asia (and one or two nice hotels, and the odd theme park, because they have those there too) – will FINALLY be available in paperback!

The trouble is, it’s such a big bugger – based on one long string of disasters. To quote someone who was traveling with me at the time: “I am never traveling with you again!”

I know! Harsh! I mean, it wasn’t my fault she got kidnapped. Well, maybe it was partially my fault. And I guess the death-threats we received from an irate tour operator were also a teeny, tiny bit my fault…

But who cares? We all survived – barely – and the paperback about the entire ordeal should be coming soon, to an Amazon-based retailer near you.

The sixth book is a bit of a departure from the rest, being about my early years, and my (inevitably) failed attempt to become a world famous actor. I mean, you gotta try, right? Although this book is technically a prequel, it can easily be read after the others. Which is a good thing really, as I rather stupidly wrote it last.

Anyway! Please enjoy looking around my website! I have PICTURES, BOOK EXCERPTS, and all manner of… oh, actually that’s it. But at least I don’t charge corkage :0) More goodies are also in progress, including a page of FAQs about the various books, and expanded galleries of photos (including one just for my favourite pics of silly stuff – because I am a bit silly now and then). Oh, and I’m also working on a page about what I’m working on. Which is very nearly as confusing as it sounds.

I’m always open to suggestions, and welcome any comments, feedback, thoughts and complaints. Well, I don’t welcome the complaints, but I’m bound to get a few. Probably because I talk about my testicles so much… So please feel free to get in touch by visiting the CONTACT ME! page. If you are complaining about my testicles, please entitle the email ‘Complaint About Your Testicles’, so I know to get good and drunk before I open it.

Oh, and make sure you have a nice day!

One handed handstand!

BEWARE! This paragraph is in RED, because my web template has a red paragraph on it, and I have no idea how to change it. You see what happens when you go to university to study¬†acting?¬†I mean, seriously…