Photos From Ecuador

This selection of photos was taken during my stint of volunteering at Santa Martha Animal Refuge in Ecuador. The rubbish ones are mine; the nicely-framed, well-lit and/or in focus ones belong to either Mel and Mark, or Toby Cannon. Enjoy!

Thanks for looking! I hope you enjoyed these pictures. Please feel free to let me know what you think!

And if you haven’t yet read ‘That Bear Ate My Pants!’, the story behind all these images, you can check it out here.

18 thoughts on “Photos From Ecuador

  1. Loved the book, love the photos. I was giggling so much reading THAT BEAR, my husband thought I was drinking. Move over Bill Bryson. Fyi, You do not seem like the odd chaps I met in the UK, who mainly stare at Americans and pretend they don’t speak English.

  2. Hi Laurie! Thanks for that 😉
    Yeah, we’ve done a bit of traveling and visited the US a few times, so I like to think we’re good with strangers 😉

  3. Hi Naomi! Glad you enjoyed it! I try to balance the sad bits with the odd joke here and there, but I was sad to leave alright!

  4. Hi Laurie! Thanks for that ?
    Yeah, we’ve done a bit of traveling and visited the US a few times, so I like to think we’re good with strangers ?

  5. I just read your book about the bear ate my

    pants and just purchased the follow up. Really enjoyed the book and have a list of all your books and will be getting the rest as I finish one after the other, I like your writings. Thank you.

  6. Hi Richard! Glad you enjoyed the book! I’m just starting work on another one, but there’s plenty more of ’em before you get that far 😉
    Thanks for reading, mate, I really appreciate it!
    Best wishes,

  7. Loved the book and your pictures are great. I had my own visions, but now they are real. Getting ready to read the next book and living vicariously through your adventures. Thanks…Sandy in Florida USA

  8. Hi Sandy! Glad you enjoyed the book! The images are never quite the same as the ones we form in our minds, eh. I really wanted to include photos in the books, mostly to prove that it was all real, but that’s tough to do as a self-published author. I’ll be adding some more pics here eventually though, to illustrate the bits that got cut from the books!

  9. Thanks Naomi. Sorry the book was sad! It sort of reflects my feelings at the time, I was gutted to leave. But, onwards and upwards, as they say 😉

  10. Hiya! I sort of thought I probably shouldn’t include pics of people without their permission, and I can’t get in touch with them anymore! Not that I think they’d mind, but you never know – and I can’t afford to be sued if someone decided they weren’t happy with it 😮

  11. I found your book to be delightfully entertaining as well as educational. One hears about animal rescue centers, operated by volunteers, but never even imagine what life is like in those places. It is admirable how much sacrifice it entails to deal with unexpected situations, such as inclement weather and the aggressive behavior of some animals. Thank you Tony for sharing your adventure!!

  12. Hi Marita! Glad you enjoyed the stories! Volunteering is great fun, it really can give you opportunities you’d never find anywhere else. I was just talking with a friend in southern California who has been spending her days feeding baby squirrels with a syringe! So much fun, which sort of makes up for the ridiculously hard work and often unpleasant conditions. It’s an adventure, that’s what it is – and I love it!
    Thanks for getting in touch 😉
    Best wishes,

  13. Thanks for the enjoyable read about Ecuador, wild animal rescues, your funny experiences and the harder side of life throughout it all. Your style of writing made me feel upfront and personal with you and all that was going on ….almost! 😉 Im wondering now – where are you in the world and what are you doing for work? Have you gone back yet for a visit to Quito or to Santa Martha?

  14. Hi Jennifer! Glad you enjoyed the book! I’m in Australia at the moment, and you wouldn’t believe it from the quality of my writing, but I’m actually doing that for a living now! After ‘That Bear’ I got asked all the time about what happened afterwards, so I turned that into the sequel, ‘Don’t Need The Whole Dog’. Then it sort of snowballed, and I ended up spending the next few years traveling and writing about it. I’ve recently stopped for a bit of a breather, and started writing some fiction just to keep my hand in. All in all, NOT the kind of life I expected to have, but I’ve rather enjoyed it anyway 😉
    Sadly I never made it back to Santa Martha – the refuge closed down a couple of years after I was there, I think there were all sorts of arguments about the direction the place was taking, and Johnny pulled the plug. Part of me would like to go back and see what happened – I’m sure Johnny still lives there – but part of me is a bit concerned I’d find exactly the kind of place we used to rescue animals from…
    Ah well! On the upside, my little dog Machita accompanied Toby deep into the Amazon, where he set up his own refuge called ‘Merazonia’. And they’re still going strong today, and still taking volunteers! Though Toby eventually went to live in Austria and has two little boys. Life moves on, eh!
    I hope you’re staying safe!
    Best wishes,

  15. I really enjoyed your book, and I’m likely to purchase others. My husband also gave me a few raised eyebrows when he heard loud belly laughs from down the hall. It’s not always easy to make me laugh, but your silly antics did the trick. Living vicariously through story tellers like yourself makes up for all of the travel that I’m not doing. Keep living life to the fullest and telling us about it!

  16. Hi Nancy! That’s great! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books. I’ve just started working on another one 😉
    As soon as we’re able to travel again, we’ll be off on another adventure, but for now I’ll have to make do with a bit of trip planning… not something I nornally bother with!
    Hope you’re well 😉

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