Don’t Need The Whole Dog!

My second book was written in response to all the emails I got from people wanting to know what happened next – both of them! As it happened, my life had been rather eventful since getting back from Ecuador, as I tried (and failed) to find world fame on TV, tried (and failed) to become a sailor, and tried (and failed) to join the army. In the end, this monument of ineptitude pointed out the blatantly obvious: I wasn’t really fit for much else, beyond buggering off around the world and getting munched on by various creatures. So I decided to go to Thailand for three months…


We Don't Need The Whole Dog Cover

In the summer of 2004, Tony James Slater went to Ecuador, looking to become a man. Not all of him returned.

But the bit that did was fuelled by a burning desire to do… something.
Something that mattered.
And, ideally, to get the hell out of England in the process.His dream was to blatantly steal his friend Toby’s dream – of going to Thailand and becoming a professional diver.But when a man like this goes on a search for adventure – well, it’s bound to end in tears. And yet – what can actually go wrong?
I mean, really?
With renovating a house?
With volunteering?
With sailing?
And diving?

Surely, those are the kind of activities that any old idiot
can pull off?
But then, this isn’t just any old idiot.
This is Tony James Slater – the man who was convincingly
mauled by a domestic cat.
And to make things worse – he’s not alone…So batten down the hatches! Lock up your power tools! And
for gawd’s sake turn the electricity off.
Because that idiot from Ecuador is back.
And this time, he’s brought the whole family…

Check out ‘Don’t Need The Whole Dog!’ on Amazon here.

An image gallery of pictures from ‘Don’t Need The Whole Dog!’ can be found HERE. It’s still missing a few bits n bobs, but mostly there. I’m just waiting for the Koh Phangan Police to declassify a few documents… 🙂

And, by popular demand… the VIDEO of the Slater Family on Property Ladder can be watched HERE!

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