Photos From Ecuador

This selection of photos was taken during my stint of volunteering at Santa Martha Animal Refuge in Ecuador. The rubbish ones are mine; the nicely-framed, well-lit and/or in focus ones belong to either Mel and Mark, or Toby Cannon. Enjoy!

Thanks for looking! I hope you enjoyed these pictures. Please feel free to let me know what you think!

And if you haven’t yet read ‘That Bear Ate My Pants!’, the story behind all these images, you can check it out here.

54 thoughts on “Photos From Ecuador

  1. Second read of “The Bear…” and doubly enjoying it! What a cool life! And how very very important are such refuges!
    Good to hear Tony has “Merazonia” up and running! Have yet to google it.
    Huge thanks for such a great insight!

  2. Hi Elizabeth! That’s so great, it really makes me happy to know that you enjoyed the book enough to read it twice! There are so many refuges these days, the internet made that sort of thing much more discoverable so now there are heaps of them all over the Amazon and in other countries like Thailand and Borneo. Volunteering has become much more common I think, though probably a lot more expensive too, as bigger companies move to cash in on the experience. But still, every little helps right? And it is SO rewarding and SO much fun. And, occasionally, a bit scary and painful, but you’ve got to have the rough to appreciate the smooth!
    Thanks for getting in touch!
    Best wishes,

  3. You are special in that you DID IT! I am 76 and a little old to head out but I admire you, love the photos and the work being done at Santa Maria! Thanks for writing the books, I will read them all and tout them all.
    If you are ever in Pahrump, Nevada, USA, look me up!

  4. Thanks Genevieve! You’re never too old to have an adventure, though I don’t recommend doing what I did at any age! Next time we head to the US I’ll let you know 😉

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