Photos From The Books!

As promised, here is a selection of photos to accompany each of my books. Seeing as how I break almost everything I touch, I am rarely let loose with a camera; hence, most of these pictures were taken by friends and family, and are used here with their permission. As a result of this, I have to ask you not to steal them without my permission; but on the upside, they are considerably less rubbish than they’d be if I’d taken them.

I should also apologise for having the shoddy original covers on these buttons. I WILL get around to updating them… eventually… it’s item #857 on my To Do List. Ah, the joys of being a one-man band! In the meantime, treat your eyeballs to the dubious delights of my first ever Photoshop projects, circa 2011. Be nice! They took me ages 🙄

Ecuador Photo Gallery

Just click on whichever gallery you’d like to look at. If you’re not back in half an hour, I’ll inform the coast guard…