'Adventure Without End' Series

Here they are, folks! Read ’em and weep… I’ve written six travel-slash-memoirs so far; each one more terrifyingly inept than the last! Some people get better at writing as they go along – I just get more long-winded.

Having said that, here they are: all six books in chronological order. If you read them backwards, there’s a message from the devil. (It just says “Hi! I’m the Devil. Please buy my book.” His marketing guy offered me 10% of net sales generated this way, so I was like, “what the hell.”)

Click on each book to read a bit more about it, but beware! This way lies madness…

That Bear Ate My Pants Cover

And for my next trick, I’m working on a Top Secret Project! Which *may* include ninjas. Or possibly aliens… Watch this space!

(But it could be a while. You might want to order pizza.)