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Here they are, folks! Read ’em and weep…

I’ve written six travel-slash-memoirs so far; each one more terrifyingly inept than the last! Some people get better at writing as they go along – I just get more long-winded.

Having said that, here they are: all four books in chronological order. If you read them backwards, there’s a message from the devil. (It just says “Hi! I’m the Devil. Please buy my book.” His marketing guy offered me 10% of net sales generated this way, so I was like, “what the hell.”)

Click on each book to read a bit more about it, and to see some photos that illustrate my adventures!

That Bear Cover

Whole Dog Cover

Kamikaze Kangaroos Cover

Can I Kiss her yet Cover

Shave My Spider

Dont You Know Who I Am

And for my next trick, I’m working on a Top Secret Project! Which *may* include ninjas. Or possibly space aliens… Watch this space!

(But it could be a while. You might want to order a pizza.)

23 thoughts on “Tony’s Books

  1. Hi Richard! Thanks for that! I hope you enjoy them. I’ve just started working on a new one, so by the time you’ve read the first 6, no.7 might be nearly ready ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Hi Tony
    Just finished reading shave my spider. Absolutely loved it. Then found out about your other books so ordered them. This does mean I will read them in the wrong order but he ho. I really hope there will be a 7th book soon

  3. Cheers Henk! Glad you enjoyed Shave My Spider! The rest of them are just as daft, and it doesn’t really matter what order you read them in – though I guess the cat is out of the bag about who I end up falling in love with… ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I’m working on Book 7 right now! I only just started it though, so you’ve got plenty of time!
    Hope you’re well mate!
    Best wishes,

  4. Iโ€™ve just ordered the first three for my 86 year old father in law who lives all my recommendations on books. Iโ€™m thinking if he and I loved McCarthys Bar and Road to McCarthy then this will not disappoint.
    No pressure there Slater…

  5. That’s great! I hope he enjoys them… and that the writing isn’t too small! I’m sure he can handle the swearing, but you might want to warn him about the indecent exposure… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Hi am reading my way through your books am loving every minute of them am on book 3 at moment you both sound amazing and so brave on your travels very envious of were you go and we’re u both going good luck with your next travels and all the best for the future

  7. Aww! Thanks Carol, that’s lovely! Yeah, we’re a bit pinned down right now by all the virus restrictions, but planning our next trip away as soon as they’ll let us! Glad you’re enjoying the books – no.3 is Roo’s favourite, for obvious reasons ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Hi Tony,
    I’m almost all way through Kamikaze Kangaroos (took me 1,5 days on a Greek beach) and what can I say, the Greeks think I’m a lunatic coz every 15mins I’ll burst out in crazy laughter and tears.
    I just thought I drop you a comment here while searching for the next majestic piece of art from you.
    Been to Australia, been a backpacker, travelled to Thailand, so I thought I knew the whole story and all, reminiscing about those places and those days back then might be quite nice, though.
    But what you made of out that is just unbelievably crazy, chaotic, a tiny wee bit idiotic, and just painstakingly funny.
    Thanks for that Tone-o! Keep it on!
    Yours, Ella

  9. Hi Ella! Glad you’re enjoying the book! The Greeks probably think we’re all crazy anyway (and they’re probably right!).
    I still love traveling when I get chance, though it doesn’t look like I’ll be doing much for a while – they won’t let us leave Australia! Still, there are worse places to be stranded for a while ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Hope you have a great holiday!
    Best wishes,
    Tony (Tone-o)

  10. Hi Tony, I finised reading the first set of three books on my Kindle and loved them.. Well done.
    Some parts where I was laughing, I had to stop reading to dry my eyes I laughed so much. My wife kept asking if I was okay.
    It’s grat to have someone with a similar sense of humour.
    Has the next three books come out for Kindle? I would like to follow up on your adventures.
    Thanks for finding time to write.

  11. I finished the 1st in about 30hrs. More like devourer of pages. And immediately bought the rest for my 20th wedding anniversary before my husband sees the card statement ????? much (mucho.) Appreciation of the author & family!!!!

  12. Thanks Dawn, that’s great! Wow, 30 hours… that’s an impressive reading marathon. I’ve only ever read them in small bits while editing, so I had no idea how long it would take! I do hope you enjoy the rest of the books – there’s plenty more craziness to come. Let me know what you think, eh! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Best wishes,

  13. Hi Tony, I got the first 3 books for my birthday and I’m nearly finished with the second one now.
    Totally enjoying them. Can’t wait to see what happens next, so I will probably ask the next 3 for Xmas.
    I saw somewhere that you’re going to be a daddy. That’s great news ! No doubt you will be supplied with loads of writing material. Keep it coming!!

  14. Hi Mieke! That’s great, I’m glad you’re enjoying the books! Yes, Roo is now pregnant, we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a Star Wars baby on May 4th… As soon as we’re free to travel, we’ll be off on another adventure – apparently babies are very portable! And I’m sure I’ll find plenty to write about, once we start down that path… ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Thanks for getting in touch!

  15. Have just finished Kamikaze Kangaroos…being West Aust born (Southern Cross) and lived in Kalamunda, Bunbury, Meckering, Gwalia, Kalgoolrie, Pinjarra, really enjoyed it. Now live in Haverhill, Suffolk. Came here to see a scrabble mate 2010, married Hilary 2012. Really enjoyed your story.

  16. Hi Graeme, that’s fantastic! What a cool story. I was mad on Scrabble for a while. You’ve done the reverse of me – I guess so long as that keeps happening, eventually the two countries will just exchange their entire populations… what makes us do it, eh? Grass is always greener, maybe? Or just a sense of adventure? Anyhoo, glad it worked out for you. It did for me, too – Roo and I are just expecting our first baby!
    I hope you’re well, and not suffering too much under these lockdowns. We can’t wait to travel, but they won’t even let us leave the country! Ah well. We’re lucky to be doing so well over here, but it’s a crummy time to be a travel writer ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Cheers for getting in touch!
    Best wishes,

  17. Hi tony, not sure how I stumbled on your books but BOY am I sure glad I did. I was laughing so hard I was in tears for all six and stayed up way too late multiple times because I couldnโ€™t put them down. I too am a travel bug and this whole COVID business isnโ€™t doing it for me- I really miss exploring! Iโ€™ve been all around Europe and a bit of Japan/Thailand. Havenโ€™t been to Australia yet but itโ€™s on the list. Congrats on the baby!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I canโ€™t wait for more books!!

  18. Hi Kendall!
    I know, this lockdown has put a real crimp in my travel plans. At least I’m stranded in Australia – there are worst places to be! And I think the enforced staying-in-one-place-iness is what contributed slightly to Roo ending up pregnant… So I guess we’ve at least got some positives out of the whole thing.
    Now we just need to figure out this whole parenting malarky, and we’ll be able to start traveling with a baby… oh boy, can you imagine how messy that will be? Ouch. At least I’ll get a book out of it!
    If you get chance to visit Oz, we’re in Perth, WA – nip in for a cuppa ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Best wishes,

  19. Hey Tony, I’ve now read the first five books and just about to start don’t you know who I am. It therefore goes without saying that I think your books and writing style are great. Any news on the release date of the next travel book? Any chance you could put a sneak peek on this website for fans to wet our appetite? Keep up the good work. Cheers Vince!

  20. Loved this book (Shave My Spider)! Also, makes me very, very glad I never got the back-packing bug (metaphorically and literally). I’m old enough now to stay at decent hotels, fancy ones where all the rooms have an en-suite, and to never travel on a night bus! China sounds both terrifying and intriguing, I’d taken the piss out my parents years ago for taking a guided coach tour across China, but now I see they might have made a wise decision!

    Starting on Don’t need the Whole Dog next….

  21. Cheers Pete! Yeah, Roo and I are STILL hoping one day to be able to afford to travel that way… for now, it’s still a backpackers life for us! Even if we are getting a bit old for it now. I’ll just have to write a few more books, and see if we can afford the odd upgrade ๐Ÿ˜‰
    As for China… yes, a guided tour is VERY wise! I’d seriously regret not doing one myself, except we could never have afforded one anyway, so the only way we could see China was the dodgy way. Kind of wish we’d just skipped it altogether!
    Hope you enjoy The Whole Dog ๐Ÿ˜‰

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