Don’t You Know Who I Am?

‘Don’t You Know Who I Am?’ is my latest book. It’s a prequel to the rest of the series, and covers the time BEFORE I became a world travelling idiot. Well okay, I was still an idiot – but at this time, I was hell-bent on achieving fame and fortune. I wanted to be the next Tom Cruise, only without the bizarre cult addiction. I was young and foolish, and I decided to dedicate my life to becoming an actor. If only it was that easy…

Dont You Know Who I AmTony James Slater wants just one thing: to become a world famous actor.
The only problem is, he doesn’t have any experience.
Or any training.
Or any talent…

They say that anything is possible if you want it hard enough.
But just how far is he willing to go?

Is it okay to dance naked in public for your art?
And what do you tell your family when they catch you doing it?
It’s a good thing to reach for the stars, right?
At least until their security guards drag you away…

Join Tony, as he goes from ‘wannabe’ to ‘never-gonna-be,’ via the weirdest, most ridiculous route imaginable. From childhood trauma to university romance, from school to stage to screen… see him blown up, beaten up, chatted up and dressing up.
All of which is perfectly normal… for a thespian.

Don’t miss this hilarious tale of acting crazy. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like in ‘the industry’ – or wondered if you’ve got what it takes to make it – find out right here!


‘Don’t You Know Who I Am?’ has just been released on Amazon as an eBook! It will be available in paperback soon. An Image Gallery featuring the few surviving photos from this era will be posted as soon as I get chance! It WILL NOT feature ANY video clips of me acting. So don’t even look for them.