Kamikaze Kangaroos!

‘Kamikaze Kangaroos!’ was the third book I wrote. It took the least time (largely because my sister Gill very bravely let me use her journals as reference materiel!) – and yet it covers the longest time period of all the books, spanning almost four years. Is this because my life was more boring, you ask? Hell no! It’s just that it all fit together thematically, and I didn’t really want to split it. So instead, I cut it down – losing close to 50,000 words from this manuscript alone! Now, the stories of my travels around Australia with Gill and her best friend Roo, in Rusty the van, are finally available – leaving me free to work on the next one… Busy, busy! :0)

Kamikaze Kangaroos Cover 3D


Tony James Slater knew nothing about Australia.
Except for the fact that he’d just arrived there.

The stage is set for an outrageous adventure: three people, one van, on an epic, 20,000 mile road trip around Australia.
What could possibly go wrong?
Of course, the van – nicknamed ‘Rusty’ – is a crumbling wreck, held together by the world’s most garish paint job.
They’re criss-crossing the continent through some of the most inhospitable land on the planet – the infamous Aussie Outback.
And isn’t there something about Australian animals being… you know, kind of dangerous?

Unprepared, under-qualified and hopelessly inept, Tony battles giant pumpkins, mechanical mishaps and suicidal kangaroos, armed only with a thong and a sense of humour.
His companions struggle to keep him safe, while climbing in drag, snowboarding off cliffs, and hiking hundreds of miles through the bush.
One thing’s for sure; this ‘adventure of a lifetime’ – if they survive it – is something they’re never going to forget.

So, scull those stubbies! Grab your galahs!
And put down that platypus.
There’s an idiot coming…