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Talk to me. Love me! Send me presents. Or don’t. Either way, here is the email address at which you will find me (possibly drunk):


I try to respond to every email (especially the ones promising presents!), but it might take a while. I do have accidents quite frequently and whilst I’ve yet to lose a hand in one, it’s bound to happen sooner or later. So if you’re eagerly awaiting a response, and it’s not forthcoming, just count yourself lucky. I’m probably out shopping for jeans with a velcro fastener…

Also, this being the age of social media, I’ve gone ahead and joined the bloody lot of them! Now I can’t sleep, because my phone beeps at me every time someone in America sends me a message – which is usually about 4am Perth time… But please don’t let that stop you! The more messages you send me, the more loved I feel. And I don’t have a ‘real’ job, so it’s not like I need sleep, is it?

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13 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Hiya mate, have you got a new book out soon?? Only we go on holiday at the beginning of July and i was looking forwards to something funny to read? Don’t worry if not, there’s still about 7 weeks and 2 days for you to put one together so no rush. Cheers for being alive still. Regards n that, Gav (40 from Huddersfield )

  2. HIya mate! Sorry you’re still waiting, but the good news is I’ve finally started working on something new πŸ˜‰ All I can say for now is watch this space…

  3. Hi Tony,
    I just finished your bear book and can’t wait to read the others. You have a great sense of humor and it shows in your writing. Thanks for sharing an exciting part of the world we’ll probably never get a chance to see. You made it seem as if we were right there with you digging post holes and getting new scars every day! I thank Amazon for introducing me to you and am looking forward to any and all new adventures you’d like to share. I’m looking forward to many years of happy reading.
    Your newest fan,
    Dee Fitzgerald

  4. Hi Dee!
    Thank-you so much for those kind words! I’m just amazed that because of people like you buying my books from Amazon, I now get to be a full-time writer! I never expected that πŸ˜‰ I’m working on a new travel book right now – number 7 in the whole series – and hopefully I’ll keep traveling and writing about my adventures for a good while yet.
    Hope you’re staying safe!
    Best wishes,

  5. Love your books. Makes me wish I had kept journals of travels my husband and I did. We have had so many odd adventures I can relate to many of yours ( except the drinking- we aren’t drinkers). Unfortunately, my husband got cancer and died so now it’s just my little dog Angel and me. Question- what year is the book” Who do you think I am? “Written? I ask because you mentioned Trumps elusive tax returns and wondered if that is since he became (barf bag please) president, or before. I have now read all your travel related books – sorry I am not into science fiction, and loved them all. And Thailand book was not rubbish. I liked it. Does that mean. I have bad taste? Hugs, from more than 6 feet so safe.

  6. Hi Sharon! Yeah, journals are great things to have – I seem to have terrible luck with mine though, as most of them got lost or stolen over the years! I had to rely on what Roo and Gill had written for some of my ‘research’! The acting book was my most recent one, even though it was a sort of prequel about my uni years, it was written after Trump became president – I remember because we were in the States, on a train from Chicago to San Fransisco on the day he won the election! Man, there were some fights on that train!
    Glad you enjoyed the Thailand book! I like it too, but then I’m biased πŸ˜‰
    Hope you’re well! Stay safe!
    Best wishes,

  7. Thank you for making me literally laugh out loud…sometimes unfortunately while alone in a bar making me look completely deranged. I am a total princess who NEVER would sleep in a hostel or really anywhere without my own bathroom, but I love your and Roo’s sense of adventure. I think she is literally the coolest chick on the planet because I would have killed you by page two!! Keep up the good work and think about charging for your books because this is the first Kindle Unlimited book I have wished I paid for! And yes, I am the last person on the earth with an aol email address…badge of honor.

  8. Hi Shelly!
    Yeah, I’m not the easiest to live with, but Roo spends most of her time trying to keep me alive! So I guess I’m the lucky one, as without her I probably wouldn’t have survived one book, let alone six!
    I also have an AOL email address, weirdly… now I feel honoured πŸ˜‰
    As for the Kindle Unlimited, don’t feel bad – I DO get paid! In fact, I make as much from a KU borrow as I do from a sale, because we are paid by how many pages get read, and my books are so damn long! Feel free to burn through the lot of ’em, and I’ll take Roo out for dinner on the proceeds! (Well, take her out for a milkshake, at any rate)

  9. Hi Tony,

    So glad to hear that you do make a profit on your books…I can read guilt free! So funny that you are my aol soulmate and feel free to look me up if you and Roo are ever in Seattle. You would be welcome to crash in the spare room and I can give you lots of great cheap eats recommendations. Just make sure to give me enough notice so I can Tony proof the house….hahaha!

  10. Ha ha! Will do… although I should probably warn you, nothing is ever FULLY Tony proof… πŸ˜‰

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