Photos From The Books!

As promised, here is a selection of photos to accompany each of my books. Seeing as how I break almost everything I touch, I am rarely let loose with a camera; hence, most of these pictures were taken by friends and family, and are used here with their permission. As a result of this, I have to ask you not to steal them without my permission; but on the upside, they are considerably less crap than they’d be if I’d taken them…

Ecuador Photo Gallery

Thailand Photo Gallery

Australia Photo Gallery

Photos From The Wedding Link

Photos From Asia Button


Just click on whichever gallery you’d like to look at. If you’re not back in half an hour, I’ll inform the coast guard…

6 thoughts on “Photos From The Books!

  1. I love your books. I have bought and read 5 out of six so far, and looking forwards to more.

  2. Hi Richard! Cheers for that! I’ve just started working on another one, so fingers crossed there’s be a seventh out this summer… well, assuming the wordl hasn’t exploded by then 😉

  3. Hi Tony, I have thoroughly (just had to check spelling of that….twice) enjoyed reading your books. They have got me through the Covid 19 lockdown here in New Zealand. I had to move indoors as I was laughing so loud, and hysterically (dictionary again), that I was worried the neighbours would think I’d totally lost the plot. But I found the best time to read your books is in bed at night as having a really good laugh out loud moment is the best thing for a good nights sleep. I’m so glad that you published with Amazon as my kindle has been a godsend at a time when shopping has not been possible. Like you and Roo, I am an avid book buyer and have also enjoyed re-reading some of them. Anyway, I hope that wherever you are, you and yours have survived your own lockdown experience. I hope it has provided material for another book. Best Regards Debbie Milliken

  4. Keep the books coming; Covid isn’t over yet and we could all really use a laugh. You have had a preposterous life which surely only you could have lived and described. You have a gift.

  5. Ha ha ha! Thanks Leslie! I have just started writing another one, actually – Roo has just mysteriously found herself pregnant (I blame COVID), so it looks like we’re off on an entirely different kind of adventure… one which, quite honestly, scares the sh*t out of me way more than any of the others ones did! Help… 😉

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