Yes folks, it’s true…

For a LIMITED TIME ONLY, I am offering a FREE copy of my eBook ‘That Bear Ate My Pants!’ to anyone who signs up to my New Release Mailing List. Yes, I know what you’re thinking: “By ‘eck, that Tony is an evil bastard! He’d sell his mother for a stick of toffee, and now he expects me to give him my email address?

But wait! I PROMISE not to send you any spam. I’ve tasted it. Hell, I’ve lived on the stuff – and I hate it as much as the next person. So have no fear, my New Release Mailing List is just that – a list where I will email you when I release a new book. Nothing more! Well, I might send you the odd email about cool stuff going on in my life, like my upcoming SECRET PLAN… and I have a few other sneaky little projects I’m hoping to create over the next few months, like a mini-book containing all the chapters I had to cut from ‘That Bear’ because it was too long…

So anyway, I might send you some of those. For free. Because I love you.

But only if you’re on the Mailing List… BWAH HA HA HA!*

You’re right. I am evil.

Join the Dark Side my Mailing List here:

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*Please note: Not subscribing to the mailing list only means you’ll miss out on the cool freebies. Tony will still love you either way. Because he’s only a bit evil, and mostly on the weekends.


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