At long, long last! Here we have a selection of photos from the time around my wedding, including all sorts of craziness – from hamsters to camels to giant cardboard underpants! The credit for most of these pictures goes to Roo (who persuaded me to buy her a camera so large it practically needs its own passport). On the upside, this means we actually HAVE some photos, as if it was left to me we probably wouldn’t. On the downside it means I have to take all her hair products and most of her underwear in my backpack, to make room for the camera accessories in hers. Which has given me a few strange looks in Customs, I can tell you…

NOTE: If you click on an image to view it full-size, you’ll have to hit your ‘back’ button to get back to the gallery – if you close the picture, you’ll close this website too! Best way I find is to right click the picture and choose the ‘Open in New Window’ option.

At Home in England

I arrived back in England separately from Roo – unfortunately, as it left her wide open to the Immigration people, who gave her a serious grilling. Luckily, she was allowed into the country (phew!) – under strict instructions NOT to get married here…


Roo’s birthday present that year has gone down in history as one of my better decisions! Although it rapidly got out of hand, Roo’s hamster obsession gave her endless joy – and kept her busy while I put the finishing touches to ‘That Bear Ate My Pants!’ Anyone not interested in hamsters may feel free to skip this gallery – I can’t say I’d blame you! For those poor lost souls who identify with Roo’s craze, read on – but beware! Cuteness will ensue.


Now, there’s quite a lot of these! Because Jordan (the country) is amazing. If ancient history and big-assed ruined columns aren’t your thing, feel free to scroll past these! Otherwise, you might be here for a while…

Gill’s Wedding!

Two weddings took place that year – well, probably thousands did, but the only ones I really cared about were mine, and my sister Gillian’s. Here are the edited highlights of Gill and Chris’s big day.

My Wedding!

It took a LOT of effort to bring it to this point, but the final event was everything we hoped it would be. Butterflies flitted overhead, the sun shone, the harpist played… and Roo and I were joined, legally and spiritually, forever. It still makes my heart race just thinking about it!

The Grand Adventure


With the Grand Adventure over, we had less than two weeks to pack our stuff and say our good-byes to England. We had an amazing honeymoon in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which Roo’s family had treated us to, before arriving in Australia. Surprisingly, I wasn’t stopped at the border, and we passed a pleasant, if uneventful year in Perth. Roo worked hard as a cleaner, supporting me while I worked on my second book, ‘Don’t Need The Whole Dog!’ People who have since read the book tell me I probably shouldn’t have bothered…


We finished 2012 in adventurous style, with a trip to Cairns in tropical North Queensland. It’s about as different from perth as it’s possible to get, whilst still remaining in Australia – but then, that’s the beauty of the place. The relaxed, laid-back city, the stunning countryside and the lush Daintree rainforest gave us plenty of variety. It was only a two-week holiday, with Gill and her husband Chris flying in from New Zealand, and Mum and Aunty Margaret flying in from the UK. It was a joyful reunion in a fantastic part of the world – I think it’s safe to say we all loved Cairns.