Photos from America!

Here, at long, long last, are the photos we took on our grand tour of the USA. You might notice that there are no pictures of any famous sights or monuments… that’s because we didn’t see any. This wasn’t that kind of road trip – it was the other kind… The kind where one of us had to drive thousands of miles through desert, through swamps, and through some of the most terrifying and confusing road systems known to mankind. That was Roo’s job. I was in charge of the radio…

Note: Work In Process! I'm adding more photos as fast as I can - check back later if you want to see more! Thank-you!

The Last Bookstore
An amazing rainbow display at The Last Bookstore in LA
The Last Bookstore Tunnel
A tunnel of books in The Last Bookstore
Vegas Lights
The glittering lights of the Vegas Strip. Or part of it, anyway.
Fremont Street Vegas
The Fremont Street Experience in Vegas was an experience alright! Check out that screen!
Inside Vegas Casino
The casino's main gaming floor was one gigantic assault on the senses.
Giant Metal Mantis
It's not everyday you get to see a giant, steel, fire-breathing Praying Mantis! And even less often that one commands you to take selfies!
Desert outside Vegas
In the desert outside Vegas, no-one can hear you scream...
Painted Rocks
The Seven Magic Mountains are basically just a stack of rocks. Still cool though, and weird as hell. The big ones are like 5 stories tall! How did they do that?
Death Valley Motel
Our motel in Death Valley looked would make a great setting for a post apocalyptic zombie flick!
Inside Death Valley Motel
Inside the Death Valley Motel was stranger than outside.
Death Valley Warning Sign
There's a reason they put these warning signs up. It's to give you something to chuckle about after you get hopelessly lost on the wrong side of one.
Badwater Basin Sign
This Badwater Basin sign is clearly missing a decimal point somewhere...
Licking Salt Flats
I had to know if the Salt Flats were really salty. They were! And surprisingly sharp, too.
Hidden Caves
The infamous Hidden Caves of Simi Valley! Adorned with artwork by the locals, of course.
Me and Dave in Cave
Poor Dave looks exhausted! I had to make a mental note not to let any of my readers kill themselves on an impromptu adventure...