Photos From Australia

Here’s a selection of photos from my trip around Australia. Most were taken by Gill or Roo – in fact all of them were, because I didn’t even own a camera at that point! Hence the exceptional quality of the images – and the fact that my ugly mug is featured in plenty of them!


Up North In Rusty

Our first trip up north in Rusty was an epic odyssey. Rusty had more than a few technical issues, despite the mountain of cash the girls had lavished on him to make him road-worthy – and in spite of his amazing paint job… Still, we prevailed – even when stranded for three days on the side of a remote outback highway. I can’t decide what stunned me most – the incredible beauty of the terrain, it’s staggering emptiness – or that Gill and Roo insisted Rusty ย was a boy…


The Red Centre

Our trip through the barren desert at the heart of Australia was a one-man three-woman show – or occasionally a four-woman show… It’s a beautiful, savage place, extremely unforgiving to the unprepared. As for what it does to idiots… well. Let’s just say, I’m still here!


Margaret River Onwards

Our time spent grape-picking (amongst other tasks) in Margaret River was almost idyllic. If you don’t count the 5:30am starts, and the ever-present danger of apparently suicidal kangaroos, we had it rather good here. Mostly because Big Valley, where we lived in our tents, was a fantastic place to be. Bali, on the other hand, was rather less peaceful…


The Bibbulmun Track

The girls, who are honest to a fault, like to refer to the fact that we almost walked a thousand kilometres; in fact the Bibbulmun Track, which runs from Kalamunda to Albany in Western Australia, is only 965 km – or ย about 600 miles.

If you’re interested, the Bibbulmun Track Foundation manages and upkeeps the path. They have an excellent FAQ, great photos, and can answer any questions you might have. Here’s a link to theย Bibbulmun Track Foundation.


Eastern Australiaย 

Our trip back across the Nularbour was undertaken with extreme trepidation. Because Rusty was knackered by this point; and it’s not a road famous for being easy to drive. But we made it, and met up with my mother, who had decided to spend her holiday exploring the east of Australia with us. Poor woman! If only she knew… After she flew home to England, we lived briefly in Sydney, then Roo and I headed to Melbourne – leaving Gill behind. She wasn’t entirely convinced that this was a good idea…


New Zealand!

Applying for jobs in the ski industry reunited the three of us – as well as leading us into all sorts of fun!

I hope you enjoyed these pictures! And if you didn’t, please don’t tell me – I spent two entire weeks uploading the damn things! More recent pics regularly end up on my blog, so if you want to check out what I’m up to now, head to And thanks again for looking!

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14 thoughts on “Photos From Australia

  1. Ayers Rock officially changed its name (back) to Uluru 26 years ago… Keep up! Strange you refer to it by its English name..

  2. This is my favorite book, Tony! I almost woke up my wife a few times, trying to suppress a laugh.

  3. With each new book I kept thinking that surely your editor would by now have suggested that you revue the grammarian rules of “me” and”I”. Alas ,I shall now start “Kiss Her Yet”, and ,skipping quickly over your frequent references to bodily functions, will have a fine time laughing my way through one more day of this pandemic, Really, “Me” and “I” who cares ! Me do ????

  4. Hi Lassey,
    I know what you mean! I do have a pretty good grasp of grammar, I just chose not to use it ๐Ÿ˜‰ Where I come from in the north of England, saying something like, “Gillian and I” would get you beaten up. Because this is all basically told from my perspective, I wanted it to sound like I was saying it, sort of telling the story of my adventures the same way I do in person. So, yeah, all notions of correct grammar went out (of) the window – and in came the bodily fluids…
    Sorry about that!

  5. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your travels. It is amazing none of you were killed climbing.

  6. Thanks Alberta! I came close a few times – once in Thailand I was sure I was doomed, having climbed way too far around the coast and not having the strength to get back again… I survived, but I still don’t know how I managed it! I didn’t put that in the book though, as in hindsight, it WAS a bit of a stupid thing to do… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Hi Tony, just finished Kamikaze Kangaroos and loved it. My hubby was wondering what was so funny, because I was laughing out loud. In 2010 we went to Australia and stayed with my husbands brother in Frankston. After that we did a tour of NZ, both North and South Island.
    We stayed 2 nights in Ohakune in the Penguins. It was great to see places where we’d been mentioned in the book.
    Also seeing all those beautiful photos brings back memories. Its a stunning country.
    So thats the first 3 books finished. The next 3 are wrapped up underneath the xmas tree. Roll on xmas and let the adventure continue.
    Thanks , Mieke

  8. Hi Mieke,
    Yeah, I especially loved New Zealand, I could quite easily have stayed there forever! Gill ended up doing just that – she now lives in Wanaka with her two little girls!
    So glad that my books helped bring back memories of your own travels. I always think that memories and experiences are the only thing we get to keep – money comes and goes, but the experiences we remember become part of our soul ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Hope you enjoy the other books! Much craziness contained therein…
    Best wishes,

  9. We went to N.Z before you in 1993. Its a beautiful place . We toured South Island doing B and B and have unforgettable memoriesThe best one was near Lake Wanaka where stopped at a lakeside cafe.A light aeroplane landed and the pilot said would you guys like a ride…Iโ€™m just taking two hikers over the mountain and you are welcome to come and they walk back.Of course we took the opportunity and what a trip.Could almost touch Mt.Aspiring as we flew between the peaks.Just one of many memories of N.Z.Couls almost write a book about it.(just an idea Tony.We could have done it before you)
    Colin and Carole

  10. Hi Guys! Sounds like you had a magical trip. I’ve been back to NZ a few times recently… mostly because my sister Gill ended up living there, in Wanaka! She’s still there now, with two little girls, and they love watching the skydivers overhead as they live right near the airfield ๐Ÿ˜‰
    As soon as we’re allowed out of the country, I’ll be heading back over there for a visit. Mount Aspiring is gorgeous, though I’ve never seen it from the air. It looks amazing covered in snow, maybe this time we’ll go up there to do a bit of climbing? That whole part of new Zealand is pretty much the most beautiful place on Earth, as far as I’m concerned.
    Thanks for getting in touch!
    Best wishes,

  11. Thanks for your reply Tony.Just to add that we drove from Christchurch to Hokitika over the mountain road.Seeing your picture of the Kea reminded me that these friendly birds pecked the windscreen rubbers off the car when we stopped at the top.Hokitika was nice..Went gold panning from there.
    Best regards

  12. Hi Colin! Yes, we did that route too! Simple stunning, though a long drive if the car is full ๐Ÿ˜‰
    We got to visit the Franz Josef glacier, and hike around on top of it, which was expensive but well worth it. And possibly my favourite experience in NZ was right by there – in Greymouth, just up the coast, we got to make our own knives! I’ve heard from a few people who did this more recently, so I think the guy who does it is still going strong. He’s a backyard blacksmith, but working the hammer and bellows, pounding out a knife blade, then grinding and sanding it smooth, was a really cool and unique experience. Even if I did cut myself at least 20 times in the process… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Very much enjoyed your tours of Australia and NZ. Way back when, (2000), I studied in Perth(Fremantle to be exact), and did a much shorter version of your trip up the west coast and also Margaret River, before back-backing the East coast and then NZ. And then returned and lived south of Sydney in 2002. Thank you for the flood of memories! IF you ever make North America a destination, please let me help you find a way.

  14. Cheers Drew! Glad it sparked some memories for you! We’ve had a couple of little trips to the US now, but when lockdown is over (if it ever is) – we’re hoping to head to Vegas at some point… ๐Ÿ˜‰

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