Welcome to the World’s FIRST Self-Published Book Tour!

Hi there! I’m Tony James Slater – and I’m a travel writer. There! I’ve said it. I’m not proud – I often find myself waking up in strange places, with only a hazy recollection of how I got there. I rarely sleep in the same bed for more than one night. My clothes are torn, patched, torn again, and in desperate need of a wash. Or possibly biohazard disposal. And the worst part? I confess my sins – all of them – in long-winded, rambling books, which for some inexplicable reason have been languishing at the top of the Amazon Travel Charts ever since I released them.

Many Tonys

So why should you care? Surely, I only write about far away, exotic locations, right?

Well… not any more! Because at long last, I am COMING TO AMERICA!

Here’s the skinny:

I get lots of emails from my readers – some of them are complimentary, and roughly half of them are threatening to punch me in the balls for crimes against the English language. But quite a few of them make offers, like, “If you’re ever in Boise, Idaho, come and stay with me!”

Now, people say that because they are reasonably sure I’m never actually going to BE in Boise, Idaho.

Until today!

You see, I’ve decided to take up all those offers – or at least, as many of them as is physically possible. I’ve bought a car, packed my wife into a suitcase, and I’m heading Stateside. I’ll be there for 4 months, give or take – or realistically, until someone in a position of authority notices I’m there, and kicks me out.

As I travel around, visiting any reader brave enough to let me stay, I’ll be meeting with writer’s groups, doing talks in libraries and university campuses, spreading the word about self publishing, and about travel, and about how both can transform your life. Or, you know, turn you into a confused mess sleeping on the couch of someone you only know through Facebook…

Tonys Talks

This cunning plan will allow me to visit groups of readers all over the continent, to hold book signings and meet n’ greets, in a way that simply wouldn’t be possible without the support of a major publisher. But because I’m totally DIY (still talking books, here) – I have no support team, no publicity department, and no friends. Wait – scratch that last! I have thousands of friends. Because being a self-published author has allowed me to connect with my fans in a way that many of the big names simply couldn’t do. Instead of being insulated from my readers by agents and middlemen, I thrive on contact with them, and my book sales depend of personal recommendations and word-of-mouth. This is the aspect of being an author that I love – not the countless hours on my own in a windowless room, bashing away with two fingers on a secondhand Macbook – it’s the community of people that have enjoyed my writing, have cared enough to reach out to me, and as a direct result are now seriously regretting that decision…


So! The gauntlet is thrown down. The challenge is set. AMERICA! Show me what you’re made of! Allow me to explore your cracks and crevices! Treat me to that secret view of your backside, the one that regular tourists never see. Give me your secrets! And, if at all possible… try not to shoot me. I don’t mind or anything, but my Mum gets frantic when that happens. Honestly – she’s a worrier.

Anyone who is interested in this trip, please feel free to get in touch! As of this writing, all my visits to readers (47 of them!) are booked up, but I’m keen to arrange more talks and events, write articles and talk to the media, in any of the places I’m visiting. Contact me via the contact page, and/or download my Media Kit here.

Four Books

Thanks for your interest! And LOOK OUT! I’m behind you. Or I soon will be…

Best wishes,

Tony James Slater


The World’s FIRST Self-Published Book Tour! will be visiting the following cities:
(CA) Los Angeles, Stockton, San Francisco, (OR) Portland, (WA) Seattle, Spokane, (ID) Boise, (CO) Wellington, Denver, (NM) Santa Fe, (TX) San Antonio, Houston, (LA) New Orleans, (FL) Tampa, Miami, (GA) Colombus, (SC) Charleston, (NC) Raleigh, Blowing Rock, (VA) Philpott Lake, Williamsburg, (WV) Romney, (MD) Cumberland, (NY) New York, (MA) Northampton, Boston, (NH) Pembroke, and many smaller places in between!